Magil was born in Crema in 1966 thanks to the intuition and genius of Gilberto Mantica and the unmistakable taste of his wife Lina Tosseghini. It affirms itself in the following decades thanks to high quality garments, with valuable finishes and a typically Italian refined style. In those years Magil becomes one of the reference brands of children’s fashion, boasting its presence in the most coveted showcases in Italy and abroad.
In 2011 Magil was taken over by the stylist Maria Chiara Maggi who, together with her young collaborators, moved the company to Lavagna, inside the Port, in a showroom facing the sea. Here the new collections come to life: innovation and continuity, passion and dedication, research and study, in a continuous dialogue between history and future.
Today, as then, the garments created for Magil are, as the tradition of the brand requires, entirely Italian. This choice was not made to be communicated in advertising pay-offs, but rather to follow the entrepreneurial intuition that drove Maria Chiara to want to be recognized by customers for her taste, style, attention to detail and typically Italian manufacturing. Made in Italy for Maria Chiara means a strong and clear concept: designed and made in Italy, at every stage of the production process. In order to be able to guarantee this quality to her customers, Maria Chiara personally follows every phase of the work process in the laboratories that contribute to creating a Magil garment.


Magil’s World

Today, as then, Magil is synonymous with quality and good Italian taste, suggesting a very precise dress-code:
To dress children who are not in a hurry to look like grown-ups and to give moms and dads indelible memories.
For this reason, Magil’s clothes enhance the features of the children that inspire so much tenderness through soft and comfortable lines, the tailoring of the cut and finishes, the quality of fabrics and the combination with accessories.
Magil’s children are not too contaminated by adults, their world is the game, the fairy tale, the fantasy, it is a slow world, colorful, sweet as the scent of cookies.


Fun facts

I could tell you that the name MAGIL comes from my family names:
MA” as in Mario, my dad,
GI” as my sister Giulia,
and “L” as my mom Luisella and my sisters Lucia and Laura….
In 2020 I became a mother to Martina Maria, and she enters the destiny of this brand with her name.
Or I could tell you that MAGIL is a softening of my last name….
But the truth is that MAGIL was born before my parents knew each other.
But I want to think that destiny wanted me to meet MAGIL and fall in love with her,
to bring it back to life!

Maria Chiara Maggi
(creative director and owner of Magil)