Our story


MAGIL was born in Crema in 1966 thanks to the brilliant intuition of Gilberto Mantica and the unique and rare taste of his wife Lina. It becomes popular in the following decades through the use of high quality garments, characterized by accurate finishes and by a typical Italian sophisticated style. In those years MAGIL becomes one of the most important brand in the children field, boasting its presence in the most stylish shop windows of Italy and abroad.
Today MAGIL has its headquarters in Lavagna where the passion and the diligence of Maria Chiara and her collaborators give life to new collections. The garments created by Magil, as the tradition of the brand requires, are completely Italian.
This choice is not an advertising stunt, but follows Maria Chiara’s business intuition: being recognized by her clients for a typical Italian taste and style and a specific attention to details and production. Made in Italy for Maria Chiara means a lot: thought and produced in Italy in every part of its creative process.
For guarantee to her costumers this quality, Maria Chiara follows personally every step of the laboratories’ work process who contribute to create a MAGIL garment.

MAGIL’s World

Now as then MAGIL is synonymous of quality and good Italian taste, suggesting a precise dress-code wearing children who are not in a hurry of become adults, giving mums and dads unforgettable moments.
This is why MAGIL’s clothes enhance the sweet shapes of your children through soft and comfortable lines, the expertise of the cuts and the finishes, the quality of the clothing fabrics and the match of the accessories.
MAGIL’s children are not so influenced by adults , their world is a game made of fantasy and fairytales.
It’s a slow and colorful world, sweet as the smell of biscuits.

About us

I could tell you that MAGIL comes from the names of my family:
“MA” for my dad Mario, “GI” for my sister Giulia and “L” for my mum Luisella and my sisters Lucia and Laura.
I could also tell you that MAGIL is a softening of my surname.
The truth is that MAGIL was born before my parents met each other,
but I like to think fate wanted me to meet MAGIL and fall in love with
it, in order to revitalize it!
Maria Chiara Maggi
(creative director and owner of MAGIL)